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I.M. Doomed 23 Nov 2020

... for success of course and not for failure. What God anticipates for me is possible.
God has proclaimed for us a Saviour and a Helper. They lead me into life.

What holds me from Success?

My unbelief that barriers can be removed. Perhaps it is fear, perhaps disappointment. It is not that everything in my life goes wrong, but there are some repeating patterns in my life where I am ineffective. And I like to learn, grow and overcome some barriers.
By times I do have interesting thoughts, plans and proposals. Too easily I make myself dependent on the opinion of others. Especially where it is about gaining cooperation of bosses and leaders. I need to find ways to open 'doors' to them.
- With disagreements: I need to present my case well, better.
- With reasonable objections: I need to prepare answers to those issues.
- With costs: I need to consider where the support for my plans comes from.
- With pride and honor: I pray.
- With a first rejection: for important issues, I should at least try a second time. Preparing better, with learned lessons.


Father God, give me more faith for what is good and valuable. Give me joy and pleasure in 'running the race' and being a part in paving the way towards your Kingdom for others.


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