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I.M. Dominant 22 Nov 2020

I. There it is, I. I like to sing loud. Unfortunately I am incapable of even remembering one single song from the beginning to the end. I can however sing simple songs from a music score and with playing the tune on a piano.

Love to Control

I would love to control many things in life. Fortunately I do not dominate life. I lack wisdom and insight.
I however do enjoy my life.
I dream of cooperating and sharing with other people. And even with that desire I am not a master of 'community'.
I do not desire to control or manipulate others.


Jesus, I ask forgiveness to you where I try to dominate or control things. I as well ask for forgiveness where I let laziness dominate over my time.
Come Holy Spirit and give me the desire and strength to seek and do things in the way of Jesus.


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