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I.M. Disturbed 21 Nov 2020

What kind of things can disturb a man? Usually not anticipated inconvenient events. There are as well recurring concerns which perhaps rob me from my sleep.

Inconvenient Thoughts

Just to clarify, I do not consider all disturbing thoughts as negative.
1. Death. I never think about death. Because as far as I know I am reconciled with God. I desire to live as long as God grants to me.
2. The many needs in the world. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to pray for those and to let me know where I should help or act.
3. Possible failure and rejection. I seek two remedies. Either to think more positive and act with more courage or to admit my fear and pray.
4. Interruptions in my thinking and work. With those issues I may have a some over-response. It is partly my inability to change quickly and my embarrassment about that.


I simply thank God for all the times I am less or more disturbed. That is because my life belongs to God and I trust my life.


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