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I.M. Distant 19 Nov 2020

If I do not hear enough in a group of people, I feel distant, isolated. It easily happens, because my left ear is deaf. And in noisy places I can not decipher the individual voices.

Hard to Explain

The others around may experience me as 'distant'. They expect a more social behaviour from me. I only can explain to them that I frequently do not hear enough to catch up with the conversation.
It is not simple to explain, because in quiet places I hear well. Often I wonder what the others may think about me.

Far Away

The family of Millet lives at 9000 km distance from us. When we hear about their hardships in the Philippines, we feel very much distant.

Distance makes it hard to relate.


Heavenly Father, I ask as a grace that I can relate to my neighbourhood. Teach me how to spread love to the people near to me.
I ask for healing of deafness and blindness for what happens close to me.


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