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I.M. Dissatisfied 18 Nov 2020

In my humanity it is easy to be dissatisfied. There are two choices.
I can be reactive. I make it worse. I spread my bad mood to others.
The other choice is to smile ... and then see if anything can be done. With unimportant things I can quickly step over my dissatisfaction. If there is a simple way to repair what caused pain, that helps. When I am intensely dissatisfied I may need help.

Many Dissatisfactions

Perhaps I am not realistic. Perhaps I cause the problems just myself. If dissatisfactions reappear often, my responses are ineffective.
I may need help. First I need to admit that I have some problems. For the emotional or pastoral side I may need counseling and perhaps healing. It is useful. It takes time and energy.
With my behavioural problems I can benefit from coaching and training.
No-one likes dissatisfaction.


Father God, usually I do not know where to go for effective help. Please guide me to persons who can effectively help me. Secondly I pray for healing where I have been disappointed by others.


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