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I.M. Disgusted 17 Nov 2020

Feeling disgusted may block a healthy response. I hesitate. I like to retreat. I am paralyzed.
I may be pointing to a person, but not acting in an effective way.


A terrible smell penetrates my nose. It comes from outside the house. It is disgusting. But I can do nothing.
A friend commits a sin. I disagree with his action. I keep silent, although his action is disgusting. I do not like to loose my friend. So I keep silent.

Some Disgusting Things

A war, refugees drowning in the Mediterranean sea, refugee camps, homeless people, corruption, family fights, relationship splits (including friends).
Let me be honest: usually I do nothing. Perhaps that is disgusting as well.


I pray for courage to face disgusting things. I pray for meaningful responses. I ask for the grace to realize where I am a coward.


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