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I.M. Disappointed 16 Nov 2020

It is easy and perhaps normal to be disappointed by times. To be disappointed by loved or trusted persons may be a painful experience.


Where I spend a lot of time, there is as well the biggest chance for problems. When I meet a friend regularly and we do many things together, sooner or later a few things will go wrong. My friend may let me down. He or she is just human.

Some Choices

I can just give up the friendship.
I can excuse my friend but remain hurt.
I can talk with my friend and sort it out.

Listening properly when I am hurt is not easy. It may help to postpone our discussion till I or we have calmed down. Sometimes a compensation for the loss may help to restore the trust. If my trust is broken regularly, better solutions are needed. I need to explain my disappointment. I need to clarify that I do not like to relate to persons who can not be trusted.


Father God, I pray for wisdom for situations where my trust has been broken. I seek courage to accept where I have been disappointed. And more ... please guide me in the process of regaining a healthy attitude of trusting other persons.


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