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I.M. Dirty 15 Nov 2020

Millet does not like to see me dirty. Children however do not mind to get dirty.
I am reminded to the bible story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10,29). Being merciful means usually getting dirty hands. I need to reach out to the needs of others.


Millet is good at listening to the troubles of others. Frequently it takes taking notice of not so pleasant events in the life of persons. And it takes understanding and not criticizing. It is not even about right or wrong. It is listening to the pain.
And yes, there is a lot of dirt in human interactions. The dirt can only be washed away with patience and love.


Jesus, it is true that I too cast some dirt on the people around me. As you say (in Matt 15:11), I get dirty , unclean, from the words that leave my mouth. Please teach me to watch my tongue and to make up with people whom I have polluted with my words.


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