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I.M. Detached 13 Nov 2020

As much as possible I like to be free. When I am attached to all kind of material and immaterial things I have to protect those items and to care for them. It may take a lot of effort.
An example: when I own a car I am concerned for damage to my valuable machine. When I own a house, I need to do maintenance. When I have a wife, I need to love her. Finally a positive attachment!


I like to be available for the 'things' of God. I like to imitate Jesus. Ai! My friend Jesus says: "Who wants to follow me needs to give up his attachments." Saint Peter was married. He had a mother-in-law. The gospel stories do not tell if Saint Peter had children, or if his wife had passed away. Saint Peter had followed Jesus. And Jesus had become his light.


I can't help. I like to thank God for the wife of Saint Peter and if he had children, I say thanks for his children.
Father God, teach me to care for all that you have entrusted to me and to detach from what is not needed. I allow you to take away all that is not needed.


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