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I.M. Destitute 12 Nov 2020

On this beautiful planet there are living plenty of destitute persons. They are dependent on the help of others.
There is a very special group of destitute people, named children. They depend on the provision and care of their parents.
Finally, there is a special group of people, who think they can manage everything just themselves. There are no needs in their lives. They are proud and spiritually blind.


A person without needs is inhuman. When my needs are not cared for, I end up lost, incomplete. For a long time I can live lacking important needs. The word already says it: "I need ...". When I am destitute, I begin realizing that I am in need. When I am without God or without food and water, I am lost. I face death.


Father God, I pray for the lost ones. Those who are hungry and thirsty. For those without a future. Teach me how to love your lost children.


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