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I.M. Desperate 11 Nov 2020

There must be a song like "I am desperate for Jesus." I do not like such songs. Because my Saviour says, "When you call on my Name, I will be there."
Now God is according to the theologians omnipresent. Thus I do not even have to call on His name. He is already present. No need for being desperate.


It is true, that I am not able to prove the presence of God. I am however never desperate. I can't remember having been desperate for a second in my life. Perhaps I am too lazy for being desperate.

For some reasons, until now, all serious problems in my life got solved or managed in an acceptable way for me. Very few terrible or impossible things happened in my life.


Jesus, I thank you for your care for me and so many others. Please send your helper, the Holy Spirit to all those who are desperate. So that they may believe.


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