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I.M. Desired 10 Nov 2020

It must be a terrible idea for a person to be undesired.
My parents desired my life. They have cared for me.
Because my parents desired children, I am alive, I do exist.
Because of the love of my parents I am able to feel a valuable person.


Millet desired to get married to me. She has given more meaning to my life. Her love builds me up.


Jesus Christ desired me to be forgiven from my trespasses against God. The only thing I needed to do is to confess my sins. I am not perfect. His love has healed me and reshaped my life in fresh ways, day by day.


I'd like to say a thank you to the God who desires my life, for parents who have desired my life. For a wife who desires to be with me. And for all those people who desired to relate to me. You all have blessed and valued my life.
Today I like to pray for all those who struggle with feeling 'desired'. I pray that they may meet the love of God and fellow men in new ways.


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