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I.M. Deprived 9 Nov 2020

"Do not deprive yourself from all luxury", Millet's grandmother Inang used to say. I never met her. She passed away two weeks before my first visit to the Philippines. Perhaps Saint Francis and mother Teresa would disagree.

Quick Results

If something is lacking in my life, perhaps it is quick results. My true desires can not be satisfied easily. Things I am interested in take a lot of thinking, preparation, patience and prayer. I never feel lost. I never doubt the feasibility of good dreams. I deeply trust my good dreams. And I am not in a hurry with seeing results. When my faith is low, I seek God.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for dreams in my life. Especially for the dream of meaningful valuable life for many in the coming century.
For the moments that I lack faith (to build community), do have patience with me. Comfort me by your Spirit. And give me the strength to seek fresh guidance how to move forward.


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