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I.M. Demoralized 8 Nov 2020

In those times many may have lost their trust in a good future. The spirit of this time may give us little hope. The Spirit of God however announces a good future for those who believe.


I need to imagine a good future for myself. Therefore I shall have dreams and desires. A bad desire is named lust. And lust is not a blessing. It makes me a slave.
To become free, I need to get rid of my lust. My dreams need to become aligned with the dreams of the Spirit of God. He is named 'Helper'. Usually the Almighty limits himself to small steps, so that I can digest his power. I need to learn new habits. And it takes patience. God's love for me grants me the promise for a great future, long before I am perfect.


Our Father, who art in heaven. Thy will be done in my life. I am your beloved and I thank you.


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