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I.M. Demanding 7 Nov 2020

Boss William demands. Fortunately there are not many persons under my command. I do have my unwritten 'laws'. Perhaps I demand from God that He gives me an easy path and quick solutions for my problems. When I just demand and instantly get what I want, that is like conjuring. It is not natural.


When demanding becomes forcing, it sounds like slavery. There is no more love. Love respects a healthy nature of things. It is caring.
Perhaps I expect (by times) too much from persons around.
Perhaps my desires are not always respectful towards God.
Perhaps my quiet unspoken expectations towards Millet (my wife) are not always fair and realistic.
Perhaps I demand a few strange things from myself.


Holy Spirit, please make me aware where I live with unfair and unrealistic expectations. Help me to smile about myself and laugh with others about our lives. There are so many good things among us.


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