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I.M. Deluded 6 Nov 2020

It is two days after the USA's elections. There is still no election result. President Trump - the supposed loser - feels cheated. He has - in my opinion - delusions. He claims without proof that there are enormous election frauds. Interestingly, half of the American population seems to believe him.
Delusions can be dangerous.

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Not everything I do believe is correct and true. I may have been deluded by others or by my own ignorance. No-one is always perfectly correct.
I really would feel deluded when Jesus Christ has not risen. Then my Christian faith would be a fraud. Being honest, I do not have a proof. Thus there is a possibility that I have been misled.
Fortunately I do trust the teaching of Jesus Christ about love. I believe with great certainty that the call to love is bringing forth meaningful life. I love the freedom that I have found in Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the peace that has come into my life by the forgiveness of sins promised by this Jesus. My resurrection has already began in this life.


Father God, I pray for the assurance of your promises for many people on this earth. Please convince us. Teach us conversion to a life of love.


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