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I.M. Defiant 3 Nov 2020

I know I am losing and I make effort to go my own way. Actually I hurt others and myself. Defiant is similar to rebellious. Defiant is more seeking a response in a certain situation.

Sin and Defiant

I may knowingly choose to do what I know is causing trouble. I still do it. I am challenging an authority. I know I am wrong. And I refuse to hold back. Until something really goes bad. Only then I may feel sorry.

Looking for Trouble

By times I look for trouble. I am playing a game. I know I am acting unwise. Games are enjoyable and may give pleasure. In such a situation, it is hard to stop. And actually that is what is needed. I should not gamble with the 'health' of others.


Father God, please teach me being responsible in hard times. When I play unwise or unloving games, help me to seek more healthy activities. I ask for healing of the hurt of experiences of 'loosing'.


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