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I.M. Dedicated 1 Nov 2020

Since baptism is a form of dedication, I am dedicated. I have been assigned a task, namely to bring glory to God. Since I have been baptized as a child, my parents wanted me to be a child of God. Christian parents should train their children to serve God. That is what makes the dedication effective.

How can I serve God?

The most important task is to love God and my neighbour. God may however have specific assignments for my life. I can chose to dedicate (a part of) my life for a special task. When I pray, God stirs up desire in my heart. A desire to live a life with a meaning. The normal task is being a servant to a community. In that way I participate as a member of a body. I do my share in cooperation with others. It gives meaning and fulfillment to my life.


Father God, I thank you for my baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Please connect me to other members of your body, to cooperate with them. Alone I can do very little.


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