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PSALMS 1 Nov 2019

The psalms are the hymns of Israel. In the original Hebrew language they where rhythmic and (perhaps) on rhyme. In the Latin (Vulgate) translation as well there is a lot of rhythm and rhyme. Unfortunately, in modern (English) translations a lot of the original beauty of the psalms has been lost.
The psalms have been composed roughly between 1000 BC (time of David) till 200 BC. The psalms still have an important place in the readings in the Catholic church. The psalms express a great variety of emotions, varying from love, joy, thankfulness, praise and worship to sadness, disappointment and anger. The psalms have a lot to say about God's character. The psalms can be very helpful in personal prayer.

Each day a Psalm

In the coming days I plan to write about the psalms. Each day I will reflect on one psalm. I hope you will get to love the psalms more and more.



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