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PSALM 5 - Inspired Prayer 6 Nov 2019

David has a very special way of praying. By times you hear him praying: "God, hear the sound of my voice." Perhaps he is emotional. David had been anointed by Samuel and he has a prophetic gift. He may not have understood every part of his own prayer. I am sure, that he listened carefully to his own prayers. He could reproduce them.
No-one knows, but David may have been praying in the spirit. As if God prays, more than David prays himself. Such kind of prayer needs to be discerned where God speaks and where the person speaks. Both Jews and Christians have judged that the words of the psalm are the words of God.

In psalm 5 it is very clear from the words that David prays for guidance (vs 8). In this psalm God speaks about a special way of blessing the righteous. David does not like to hear evil nor lies. He asks for the saving justice of God. The protection of God is over two named groups (vs 11+12): those who take refuge in God and for those who love HIS NAME (what this means is not so clear to me).

Psalm 5

1 [For the choirmaster For flutes Psalm Of David]
Give ear to my words, Yahweh,
spare a thought for my sighing.
2 Listen to my cry for help,
my King and my God! To you I pray, 3 Yahweh. At daybreak you hear my voice;
at daybreak I lay my case before you and fix my eyes on you.
4 You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil,
no sinner can be your guest. 5 Boasters cannot stand their ground under your gaze.
You hate evil-doers, 6 liars you destroy;
the violent and deceitful Yahweh detests. 7 But, so great is your faithful love,
I may come into your house,
and before your holy temple bow down in reverence of you.
8 In your saving justice, Yahweh, lead me,
because of those who lie in wait for me;
make your way plain before me.
9 Not a word from their lips can be trusted,
through and through they are destruction,
their throats are wide -- open graves,
their tongues seductive.
10 Lay the guilt on them, God,
make their intrigues their own downfall;
for their countless offences, thrust them from you,
since they have rebelled against you.
11 But joy for all who take refuge in you,
endless songs of gladness! You shelter them,
they rejoice in you, those who love your name.
12 It is you who bless the upright, Yahweh,
you surround them with favour as with a shield.

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by
Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division
of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

Daved prays under guidance of God

God Inspired Prayer.

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