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PSALM 21 - King William 22 Nov 2019

Coronation psalm II

Just imagine that I am king. My father was a king too. I am born to be a king. My eldest son shall inherit my kingdom. I really need to have son.

What is my kingdom? What did I inherit from my father? I am just the second son. A lousy excuse.
I inherited life from my father. I copied a lot of his behaviour. I inherited some Euros when he passed away. My father liked his children to flourish. And by times I have disappointed him.

Father God gave me an inheritance

My heavenly Father as well entrusted me a "kingdom", a life. Actually a royal life. A blessed life. My father expects me to rule over my kingdom. No-one else can do that. I am crowned with glory. At least I believe that God has given me the mark of the Holy Spirit.

Now king William can read his coronation song:
I will sing and make music in honour of his strength. (vs. 13)

Psalm 21

1 [For the choirmaster Psalm Of David]
Yahweh, the king rejoices in your power;
How your saving help fills him with joy!
2 You have granted him his heart's desire,
not denied him the prayer of his lips. Pause
3 For you come to meet him with blessings of prosperity,
put a crown of pure gold on his head.
4 He has asked for life, you have given it him,
length of days for ever and ever.
5 Great his glory through your saving help;
you invest him with splendour and majesty.
6 You confer on him everlasting blessings,
you gladden him with the joy of your presence.
7 For the king puts his trust in Yahweh;
the faithful love of the Most High will keep him from falling.
8 Your hand will reach all your enemies,
your right hand all who hate you.
9 You will hurl them into a blazing furnace on the day when you appear;
Yahweh will engulf them in his anger, and fire will devour them.
10 You will purge the earth of their descendants,
the human race of their posterity.
11 They have devised evil against you but,
plot as they may, they will not succeed,
12 since you will make them turn tail,
by shooting your arrows in their faces.
13 Rise, Yahweh, in your power!
We will sing and make music in honour of your strength.

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by
Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division
of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

William as King

I imagine myself as king.

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