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Weird 26 Nov 2018

What about the following story!

Genesis 6:1-4 Sons of God and women

When men had begun to be plentiful on the earth,
and daughters had been 2 born to them,
the sons of God (assumed here: divine beings), looking at the daughters of men,
saw they 3 were pleasing, so they married as many as they chose.
Yahweh said, 'My spirit must not for ever be disgraced in man,
for he is but flesh; his life shall last no 4 more than a hundred and twenty years.'
The Nephilim were on the earth at that time (and even afterward)
when the sons of God resorted to the daughters of man, and had children by them.
These are the heroes of days gone by, the famous men.

Not all things in the bible are easy to understand.

the giants of the old time

Giants of the old times.

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