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Unknowing 19 Nov 2018

Genesis 2:25 No Shame

Now both of them were naked,
the man and his wife,
but they felt no shame in front of each other.

Little children may start their lives without shame. Once we grow up the shame may creep in. What may make a child ashamed?

Shame creeps in

When the baby defecates and bystanders smell it, they may say: Terrible. And some persons will withdraw from the baby.

When the baby cries, family members complain.

The child hears all the emotions and may feel ashamed.


Being unknowing is sometimes a state of grace. There is no need to know. But at a certain day knowledge may creep in. And I must sort out what my dark side means to me and to others. I may deny first and begin to hide my painful issues. Others should not know that I am bad or I have some imperfections.

Hiding my issues for others causes me more pain and trouble.

Exploring the unknown takes courage.

Emotions: good or bad?

Usually emotions like fear, shame, jealousy have negative sides, but also positive aspects.

The person without fear may lack some wisdom. He may be unknowing about danger or the trouble he may cause.

Jealousy may trigger my interest in new things.

As soon as my emotions cause me to extremely defend myself or attack others, I am in trouble.


Usually the unknowing is not helpful. Increasing knowledge however first will cause uncertainty and hurt. I ask God for courage to explore the unknown about myself.

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