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Transparency 30 Nov 2018

God's Transparency

Over time God withdrew some of His presence on earth. In the paradise He appeared to walk with Adam and Eve.

After the fall things began to change. Cain prepared an offer. Perhaps to please God. It seems we can only please God with faith and obedience.

After the flood, Noah build an altar and God made a covenant. God still talked with Noah.

In Babel people wanted to build a tower to reach heaven.

Over time God withdrew himself from this world. And perhaps people tried to seek ways to meet God.

over time God's visibility changed

Over time God's direct visibility began to vanish.

Abraham heard God's mysterious voice. And he had visions or dreams in which he recognised God. Melchizedek is the first priest mentioned in the bible. Noah and Abraham built altars. So in response to God's withdrawal, men began to seek ways to please and meet God. Abraham prayed.

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