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Pain 3 Nov 2018

Not all pain is equal. There is physical pain and there is emotional pain.

Physical pain heals often. Emotional pain also needs healing.

Apart from pain I may suffer from my unfriendly response to pain. Pain easily causes loneliness. We may not feel understood.

when it hurts

When I suffer from pain I may respond hurt

I feel frustrated. I lack knowledge or ability to respond proportionate to events happening. I am hurt. My heart cries inside.

Is pain always bad?

Pain makes us aware that we are wounded. And wounds need care. Wounds need time to heal. The love and patience (understanding) of people around helps.

Despite all love and care, the healing needs time.

And when I have been healed physically or emotionally, I may need time to reconcile with people that I have hurt when I had pain myself. Since for a long time I was a unable to behave normal and I have felt like a stranger.

After healing of wounds I need to learn to behave normal.

When my deaf left ear would be healed, I will need a long time to learn to behave normal in groups of people.

Having distorted behaviour while having pain is a much ignored problem in social life.

And strange enough I have never heard of training for healthy behaviour for those who suffer pain.

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