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Obey 1 Nov 2018

Today is All Saints day. It is a rainy day. It feels like being lazy and not leaving our house. If I do so, then I obey my instinct. That raises the question: To whom or what should we obey?

Whom should we obey?

The first persons that come to mind are parents and bosses. Should I still obey my parents when I am 40 years old? The biblical command obey your parents seems forever. But I am not so sure.

In the bible Eph 6:1-4 you will find a text about obeying parents. I like verse 4 which is not so well known:
(NASB) Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

do what has been commanded

Follow the Holy Spirit

I believe it is God to whom we are accountable. Where we trust, obeying is very similar to following. It becomes a matter of love and relationship.

If we know what God wants for us?

What else can we do than trust. We need to learn to trust and obey the Holy Spirit.

One night where I disobeyed

On an evening some 30 years ago I went for a walk while I was praying for God's guidance. In front of a certain door in a street, I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to ring the bell of that house. It was however 1 a.m. in the night. And I did not dare to do so. I was afraid. Nothing terrible could have happened to me with obeying.

That was an event about which I later needed to ask God's forgiveness.
Why? My fears reigned over me and hindered me to learn to trust the Holy Spirit.

Be courageous

Learn to trust the Holy Spirit. When you fail: confess and try again. And do not forget to forgive yourself.

By the way: I am not perfect in discerning the Holy Spirit's voice.

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