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I 4 Nov 2018

What is your name? Moses had the wisdom to ask God.
And God responded with wisdom and perhaps some humor:

I am who I am.

That is an answer for each of us: I am who I am and I can't change that quickly.

Transparent and still Unknown

Perhaps we can know about God what can be known. I can not fathom God's majestic greatness.
I can however follow the example of Moses: Make yourself known to me: explain to me.. And God did.

what I am

Getting to know the I

The I likes lo be treated with care and respect. Whether it is God or it is yourself. Ask Jesus that you may know the I of God and yourself better.

If you do so then you are actually inviting the Holy Spirit in yourself.

And remember that your I is made in the image of God's I.

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