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Future 2 Nov 2018

Not many people trust unknown things. Do you trust your future? I hope you do. If not, then you live in fear for the future.

Today is All Souls day. We believe and hope that most of our ancestors are in heaven or in purgatory. As if there is no option for hell.

do what has been commanded

We do not know the future

As if we are walking blindfolded.

However much of our future may depend on our present actions.
If I make a mess out of life, I can predict a messy near future.
If I am missing opportunities in the now or I am lazy, I can predict that I may be disappointed with myself in the near future.

Near future is a shadow from the present

My life in the near future will not be that much different from the present.

Why would my life in a further future differ much from the present? And do I have influence on my far future?

I do believe that our eternal life condition can be affected by our present behaviour.

So for an eternity we will benefit or suffer from our choices in life now.

The choice for eternity is yours, here and now.

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