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Eternal 8 Nov 2018

On the Internet eternal is not really expressed as a reality. Strange enough it appears coupled to Doom and Destruction.


Another strange thing is that in Christianity there is only one way to the eternal life: DEAD. Is there anyone among you who likes to die? Would you like eternal life? Would I like eternal life?


Dead and forgotten, After dead a waiting for a Resurrection, Reincarnation, Dead in Hell, Dead in Purgatory, Dead in Heaven.

The hardest to imagine is most probably: Heaven, the place to be forever in happiness with God.

forever and forever

What on earth makes Heaven desirable?

Free food and drinks, free women, plenty of cars, my private aeroplane, my private beach, nice palm trees, seven angels to serve me day and night?

Do you already observe if that is true ... heaven needs to have more women then man. Would any woman like to go to such a place?

How am I going to spend my time? Dolce far niente, the doing nothing forever? No more quarreling, no more games?

Strange enough, I only can imagine what heaven is not.


I dream. I float. My imagination falls short.

I dream that my heaven already starts here on earth and now.

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