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Assistance 10 Nov 2018

You may think I will write about Divine Assistance. It is not that I do not believe in Divine Assistance. God has made us in His image. I believe that I (and hopefully others) have been given life to assist God in executing His plans. So I am an assistant.


I am not doing the main work. I am not the owner of the palace. Yes, God gives us the life in a good place. I am to assist that this place becomes a beautiful palace.

Happy place

A place can only be a happy place when the people living there are happy.

Ai ...
it hurts often in this place:

i need help

  • I know about war, hunger and lack of freedom far away. I can assist in asking God for stronger assistance and or wisdom how to pray or respond.
  • I know about refugees and unemployed people in my country. It comes closer. I assist with paying taxes. I assist with having an open heart and not complaining. I usually forget to help actively.
  • I know about homeless, sick and lonely people in my own city. Again it comes more near. I assist with visiting some, but not many.
  • I know few people in my parish and even fewer in my street. I assist with praying for those in a quite general way. I do not know them very well and I hardly know their needs. I feel silly about that. The not seeing and knowing what happens close to me.
  • I have a family and godchildren. Do I assist those? Once in while.
  • I have a wife. Do I assist her? Incidentally I give her some money. I listen to her. I have patience with her. I entrust my life to her. She assist me.
  • I have a life. Do I assist in building it up? Or do I live in fear?

I have a place in the Palace

There is work to do. I only have to assist and cooperate with others. I am not the owner of the place called Earth.

But when I am honest: I am called to be responsible for a few or more than a few things. That means that I must learn to own some problems and care for a good solution. That may involve leadership and assisting teams. It may need coaching, instruction and training.

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