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Matthew 13:22. Thorns. My Worries. 10 May 2023

Mat 13:22 The seed sown in thorns is someone who hears the word,
but the worry of the world
and the lure of riches
choke the word
and so it produces nothing.

I am worried, because I am not fruitful. The seed is however sown in thorns. The Sower is not a fool. When I am honest, I can recognize "the worry of the world" and "the lure of riches" in my life. Those things are in my own power.
Starting with the second issue, I could give my riches to the poor. No-one stops me. And doing so may end many of my worries. I am forced to start a different life at the same time.

What could be 'the worry of the world?'
1. I worry what others may think about me.
2. I worry whether I will be successful, where my fruits are.
3. I worry about actions where I fear some disappointing result.
4. I am worrying by safeguarding myself.


Jesus, you are invited to show me what you want me to change in my life.

Seeds among Thorns

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