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Matthew 13:13-15. Useless Listening 6 May 2023

Mat 13:13 The reason I talk to them in parables
is that they look without seeing and listen without hearing or understanding.
14 So in their case what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah is being fulfilled:
Listen and listen, but never understand!
Look and look, but never perceive!
15 This people's heart has grown coarse,
their ears dulled,
they have shut their eyes tight to avoid
using their eyes to see,
their ears to hear, their heart to understand,
changing their ways and being healed by me.

Is it me?

When I hear the words of Jesus, even the parables, I am supposed to respond! I refuse!

How do I refuse?
1. Making my heart coarse
2. Dull my ears
3. Shutting my eyes
4. Not Changing my ways
5. Not letting me healed by Jesus


Jesus, see how stubborn I am. Have mercy on me.

Negative Listening

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