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Matthew 13:47-51. All kinds of Fish 21 May 2023

Mat 13:47 Again,
the kingdom of Heaven
is like a dragnet that is cast in the sea
and brings in a haul of all kinds of fish.
48 When it is full,
the fishermen bring it ashore;
then, sitting down,
they collect the good ones in baskets
and throw away those that are no use.
49 This is how it will be at the end of time:
the angels will appear
and separate the wicked from the upright,
50 to throw them into the blazing furnace,
where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth. 51 'Have you understood all these?'
They said, 'Yes.'

Do I understand it all? It speaks about the 'end of time'. My time, the worlds time or the appointed time?
And more important, 'Am I wicked or upright?'


Jesus, are there things which I need to change in my life?

All kind of fish

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