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Why Community? I Need. 14 May 2022

Animals do have their needs. I remember a story from Genesis. It happened in a garden. God created animals. And I could name them. What an honor.


My Tyrannosaurus was a true giant. He was so huge, that even God was afraid of him. My Tyrannosaurus really felt a bit awkward. Nevertheless, he jumped and jumped joyfully. Soon he was at the verge of my garden. My Tyrannosaurus was seen no more. I felt sad. I think, God was a bit relieved.


My Giraffe was a good step smaller and more tame. My Giraffe began to eat from tree of life. When almost all the leaves had gone, God got mad with my Giraffe. He sent him to southern and warmer parts of the garden. I felt relieved, for My Giraffe was so tall, that I got jealous.

The Final Attempt

Realizing that no animal satisfied my need for community, God made from one of my ribs the woman. I think God got a bit jealous and he left us alone. My need was met by other humans.


Jesus, you know all my needs. Guide me on the path you have prepared for me.

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