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Why Community? My Neighborhood Needs. 8 May 2022

What could a neighborhood need? The first thing that comes to my mind is safety and security. Where poverty reigns, there are people with painful needs. Some people without food. Some can not pay the school fees or the rent of their house. Some may be lonely.
Poverty goes with frustrations, fear and anger. How does a father unable to provide for his family, feel? Even the church considers the stealing by hungry persons as legal. It is not about encouraging laziness. Each human needs food. If he does not get his food, he could move to violence and perhaps murder for it.
The lonely ones may scream for help. Suicide is an option.

Poverty goes with suffering. Suffering causes pain. And pain causes violent reactions.


My neighborhood need grace for the needy ones. The law enforced by a government, can not heal the pain and frustration of the needy ones. A caring community does however have resources to care and love. Such a community should be willing to pay the price for safety and security. That is loving the neighbor in need.
I am honest. I myself am not doing a great job in caring for my neighborhood.


Jesus, please connect me to more neighbors. Teach me how to cooperate with all neighbors of good will.

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