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Why Community? My Country Needs. 6 May 2022

Imagine, a beautiful country with no human being living there. It could be an animal kingdom. It could be a flower kingdom. A country exists by the grace of humans living in that area.

Clearly, a country has some human population. Assume a foreign people invades that country and no one defends it. I guess that the original population will be driven out.
Similarly when the country has values, those need to be defended.

How can a country defend itself and its values? The defense needs and army and a justice system. Values need to be maintained.
Typically values are lived by communities. The values are not a law. The members agree on their values. They still need to be explained and taught. They need to be practiced. Communities commit themselves to care for their future. Countries can barely survive without communities. Communities choose to live out their values from free will. Inhabitants only act when forced by law.
Politics are a means to bridge the gap between the state and people united in communities.
Countries exist by the law, while communities live by love.


Jesus, teach us to give to the country what is due to the country and to the community what is due to the community. So that all may honor God.

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