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Why Community? The Church Recommends. 4 May 2022

Perhaps the church is the prototype of all liberal organizations. In my ears it sounds like, "It would be desirable to be community. We are Brothers and Sisters. But it is not required. Each person is free. It is not a sin not to be a participating member of the church community."


Of course, the church does not speak in such words. I am a Catholic. Nothing is required. I only need to be baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I should be immersed with the spirit of Jesus. Did the immersion really happen? Is all my thinking really like the thoughts of Jesus? Of course that is "impossible". It is not required. Would it be desired? The answer is a very simple, "YES!"

The Plan of Jesus

Jesus desires all to be saved for a happy eternal life. I believe that the churches share this desire.
Jesus commanded to make disciples to teach them to observe all He has commanded (to the apostles.)
Since the church considers itself to be apostolic, they do have the obligation to teach the disciples (baptized ones) to love one another, to be a community. PERIOD. NO EXCUSE.


Jesus, send a fresh spirit to the churches and the baptized ones.

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