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Why Community? I Have No. 16 May 2022

Consider my situation. I have no family. I have no relatives. I have no neighbors. I have no friends. I have no boss and colleagues. I am not a slave. I have no master.
No one knows my name. I am not even sure whether I have a name.

Where would I live?

Perhaps I would live in a jungle among the animals. Permanently, I have to defend my life. Day and night. Other animals, even the birds, are afraid of me. I eat some fruits from the trees. During the winter time, there are however no fruits. I have collected some roots and nuts to survive during the winter. I try to catch some animal for my food. And once in a while I am fortunate. The raw meat however tastes horrible. And it gives me intense stomach aches. I do not care a lot about my life. It is no fun.

Eindhoven, 2022

I am 70 years old now. I have worked all my life hard. My children emigrated to New Zealand. They almost have forgotten about me. Once a month, they find 20 minutes to talk to me on Facebook.
I have a small pension. I feel frequently lonely. I have no real friends. I hardly know my neighbors. I find it hard to cook a meal for myself. Over the last 4 years I lost 20 kg of weight. What is the meaning of my life?


Normal people live in a kind of tribes. We relate to others. We are part of a society. People who do not fit in the society, are considered to be strange.
They may be ignored. They may feel unwanted. They may feel haunted. They do not easily find rest.


Jesus, I pray for salvation for the lonely ones on our planet. Help me in being a part of solutions for their needs.

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