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Can I Safely Leave This Community? 29 May 2022

Joining a community is a huge step. Leaving a community can be painful. Can I safely leave a community? Especially with participating in communities having shared goods this is a serious concern. For a single person it is already hard. For a family it is even harder. It even may lead to a marriage or family split up.

Young or Poor

For the young and poor it may be relatively easy to take the risk. Perhaps therefor Jesus says to the rich-young-man, first to sell his possessions and then to follow him.
What if it would have been a rich older man with a family and children? Perhaps Jesus would not call him or allow him to join.
My hope would be that all of good will could join 'my' community. A huge rich community as well can afford to send out people who want to leave. I rather like to live in a poor community.

Becoming Poor

I guess that becoming poor before joining a community is the only wise way. And that is the same with all my unrealistic expectations. Expect nothing. Be poor. Make myself poor.

Accepting Poverty at Exit

In case I might fail the community, I should leave in a joyful poverty. Most probably I will be surprised what good things will come on my path.


Jesus, teach me to depend on you.

Some items of resistance.

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