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Reflection on I Desire. 13 May 2022

How honest is my desire? Perhaps I think something like: 'I am only good when I am part of a healthy and stable community.'
How sincere is my desire? Am I truly willing to pay the price? Like with a marriage, in good times and in bad times?


My language could expose my hidden thoughts. I may talk as if some others need to implement the community. And I just will remain half an outsider.
No one will trust my intentions.

I may talk and not act. That is a great danger and difficulty. As long as no others commit, how can I start a community? I could purchase a big house, if I had the capital. I could calculate the costs for starting a community and start saving. Although not easy, without any actual steps no one will be able to trust my intentions. I could start to build a basis from where I can step up to a next target closer to becoming a community.

Foundation or Pillars

What could be a basis for starting up a community? I have thought about this issue. I could imagine working on five pillars in a parish setting (e.g. 11 May 2010 Trinity - God our source, Cell Groups with Service, Love - The Great Commandment, Teaching - to Do, Feedback - Testing.) When the pillars have grown independently, you might discover that a community has been established. The danger again is that it is just 'my' structure with no agreement or commitment of others.

Another way is establishing a core team with common values and a higher purpose. Till now I did not find such people.

My Commitment

I foster my desire with prayer, Bible reading, study, observing the needs of parish and society. Visiting communities, training in communication, etc.

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