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Reflection on My Country Needs. 7 May 2022

In modern countries, the government provides a structure or framework for a safe society. It is like the 10 commandments of Moses. The law is unable to produce love in the hearts of people. It however holds wisdom. The law forbids. Love encourages.
The law can enable caring communities. Caring communities can turn on the love for one another in safe ways.

The Law Protects

It should be noted that (usually) a countries law guarantees safety and security to groups of people. The law teaches me what is bad. The law will seldom force me to do things. It maintains freedom. It upholds order.
The community typically lacks the power to punish offenders of the law. That is a very personal thing. Leaders may be hurt by punishing. The 'impersonal' government has the authority to maintain order. It even has the obligation to maintain order. Punishing is something that divides people, because it administers 'hurt' when it limits someone's freedom.

A New Covenant

Remember the Bibles Old and New Testament? The Old represents the law. It is imperfect. The New Testament represents the love of Jesus. Both respect freedom. The first forbids. The second calls forth good things.

A countries law is unable to build loving relationships. And thus we still need communities where people are raised up to care for one another. I look forth for the 2nd coming of Jesus. He will establish the final Kingdom of Love. Till now we only have imperfect countries and communities.

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