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Reflection on Church Recommends. 5 May 2022

What would I feel when the church struggles to develop community? Remember that I am a part of the church.
a) Depressed and Unhappy
b) Ashamed, Inadequate, Defective
c) Unloved and Alone
d) Embarrassed and Humiliated
e) Discouraged and Pessimistic
f) Stuck, Annoyed and Irritated

I am certainly not feeling optimistic and hopeful.
Am I unique? Would we all experience similar emotions about our church?

What I am Thinking

What I feel is usually caused by what I think. And so ... what are my negative thoughts? I do not claim to be accurate or complete. I try to explore some of my possible negative thoughts.
1. Jesus must be very disappointed with me.
2. God will condemn me at the hour of my death. I am a total failure.
3. Our leaders fail to guide us into loving relationships.
4. We are totally dishonest to one another. We do not tell how we really feel.
5. We must be idiots that we can not simply love one another effectively.
6. The church will never learn and grow.

Cognitive Distortions

I am hurt, but not everything I think is correct and true.
1. Jumping to Conclusions. Emotional Reasoning. Discounting the Positive. Blaming our selves. Mind reading (Actually I do not know).
2. Future Telling. Magnification. Discounting the Positive. Self Blame.
3. Other Blaming. Over Generalization.
4. Magnification, Discounting the Positive, Labeling and Blaming.
5. Emotional Reasoning and Jumping to Conclusions. Assuming that we should be perfect.
6. Future telling, Blaming, Discounting the Positive.

Improved Thoughts

1. Perhaps Jesus is somewhat disappointed with his church. It as well could be that He is way more in control than I am thinking.
2. Is there any proof that God will condemn me or us?
3. I would appreciate teaching and instruction about relationships. Perhaps I can start myself activities around this theme.
4. I would love to see more trust growing. I myself could start to reveal what I feel. It may take some skill to communicate it in meaningful ways.
5. I smile about my and our humanity. I seek Jesus as my Redeemer.
6. The church learns little by little, just as I myself.

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