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Reflection on Mankind Requires. 3 May 2022

It is so obvious. It is so hard at the same time. Some difficulties may be:
1) The enormous size of the task. How can we care for all?
2) We speak different languages. The language of hunger however is international.
3) We are from different cultures.
4) I find pleasure in controlling others and ruling over others.
5) I enjoy it to have more than others.
6) I need my pension and health insurance.

Caring for All

I can't care for all. I lack power and resources. It is not a one man's job. What I could do, is to release my presently not needed wealth to the poor. It is not easy to do it in a loving and caring way. I need to disappoint so many. When I help one, I make some others jealous. It is important, that in a certain area help is distributed just and fair. Actually the earth has enough resources for all. The problem could be that the resources are with the wrong people and at the wrong location.

What Could Change?

Perhaps first, we all could agree that each person has a right for food and shelter. Perhaps poor countries should be legally entitled to claim help from rich countries.
But then their corruption may destroy the good intentions. The money might be stolen before it truly arrives with the poor.

Being honest, I would not trust legal systems too much. My hope would be with (Christian) communities that will be send out to help groups of people in other countries with a commitment to serve the poor for perhaps a period of 10 years. Such a community should have the strength to uphold their values. That needs training, instruction and a lot of strength. It needs donors in rich countries.

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