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Reflection on The Earth Requires. 1 May 2022

Remember, I am discussing building community. Today I will investigate why it is hard to start the process of uniting people for the sake of "Saving the Earth."
From salesmen (Jordan Belfort) I learn that first I need to build trust in:
1. Myself
2. My product
3. My organization
It shall be clear that building such trust is a long way to go. For today I discuss some objections why good willing people may hesitate.

Distractions and Objections

I easily could find the following excuses:
Blaming others:
- my wife and children do not like it.
- I need to ask permission from my boss or family.
- I need to pray first. God needs to speak very clearly.
- Why me and not the others?
Not willing to pay the price:
- I am not willing to quit my present luxurious life.
- I have worked all my life and now I should retire quietly.
- I can't deal with the uncertainty.
- I may die earlier
- I do not believe it is possible.
- It is useless.
- It is too hard.
- There is time enough.
- I have no idea where to start
- Lack of plan. No split up in smaller tasks.
- Lack of leadership.
- Lack of resources.
- Lack of good communication.

Good Question

After the "Why Community?", the question "How could that be done?", should follow.
I suggest that we should take time to talk and discuss.
Internet research may help. What are others doing or planning?

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