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Reflection on I Have No. 17 May 2022

Having no community appears painful to me. I do know some of it. For a 15 years of my life, I lived alone. I had some friends. I had a phone. I had a good health. Most of those years I had a regular job. Still by times it felt a bit lonely.
This loneliness went together with the lack of purpose I felt. A healthy community does have a sense of purpose. A noble reason for its existence.
All normal people have some moments of loneliness. Loneliness is however not a great reason for seeking to live in a community or relationship. The relationships may hurt us more than the loneliness. Relationship needs skill. Fortunately skill can be learned and practiced.


A healthy life needs purpose. The need for meaningful activity makes me a bit afraid for the eternal life. What would life be when I have no purpose and nothing to do?
A community needs joyful creativity and productivity. I do hope that it will be a school of love and life in abundance.

Stand Up

Let the one who does not need and want community stand up! Please, a request to you. Leave me alone. Do not trouble me with your negativity and 'No, buts.'

Do you still desire or need community? I invite you to talk about your dreams and needs. Seek fellow travelers. Hang out with them. Hear what they expect from community. Any engaged couple should do so. Talk about your fears. Talk about your disappointments, preferably about what you yourself feel and the thoughts accompanying those feelings. You can not built community on your wounds. They need to be healed during the journey.

The road towards community is not an easy road. Please, take courage, for God calls. There are many great surprises on and along the road to life.

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