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Ownership 21 May 2022

The "Why is it so hard to build community?" question named the issue of ownership. I have the right to own things. First I like to explore the good and beautiful things about the 'right to own.' After that I examine the 'right-to-own.'

Respect and Care

I respect what others own. In return I may expect that others respect what I own. Simple?

I do have a need for stability in my life. I do want to protect what my family needs. With my 'right-to-own' I protect and care. I even may help others with things in my possession. That is noble and praiseworthy.

I do not advertise condemnation of ownership.

The right to Own

I consider everything I possess as entrusted to me by God. Even when I worked hard to obtain certain items. I can use them as blessing. I can bury them. I can give up the right to own something, even when I would need it myself. Someone else may have a more urgent use for some of my property. I allow God to take it away from me. On the other end, I am the steward to care for it and to keep it in a reasonable condition.

Shared Ownership

Sometimes I share a possession common with other owners. That could be a house, a car, a road, solar cells, etc. Or something could be entrusted to me by an organization to make meaningful use of it. A community could provide housing to me. And at the same time the community could change the destination of that housing later. A healthy community acts with care, respect and love. It knows my needs.


Jesus, I ask for courage to make good use of what your Father has entrusted to me. Guide me into trusting my Father such that I could release whatever is needed.

Some items of resistance.

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