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Right to Let Others Suffer 27 May 2022

One of the basic human instincts is 'Fight or Flight.' We are not programmed to make peace with our enemies. The predators of the old times and the wild animals are absolutely not suitable to make piece with. Research has shown that only very few animals are suitable for domestication. Domestication means that the animal can live with and in the homes of human beings. Especially when the poor animals are intended for food, roughly 10 species among the many on the earth are suitable for that purpose. No wonder, humans have inherited a 'fight or flight' nature. In other words, although we need relationships, we are hardly created for 'peace'. We love the 'hit_and_run' because it is relatively safe. I am in power.

My Rights

Is it my right to 'fight or flight' or to 'hit and run'? Think about it, none of those options seeks peace with the others. And yes, it is my right. Frequently they are the only safe options I have mastered. What are the other options? Are there options where I and and the other party can live safely together?

All the 'predator' options show that I have fear. Aye, of course I do the have the right to fear. Fear however does not bring me into relationship.


Jesus, teach me not to fear. Help me to stop my anxieties (perhaps the biblical fears). I desire love, peace and kindness, fruits of the Holy Spirit. Teach me new skills.

Some items of resistance.

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