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Ignoring Needs of Others 23 May 2022

It is my freedom to ignore needs of others. I can choose. I do not have to help. When someone else is hungry, it is not my problem. Where people die for lack of medical help, I can not help. I am not even a doctor. Where people suffer from war, what can I do? I am not a soldier. When the temperature on this earth will increase, so what? When I change my lifestyle, no one will notice.


Some advantages are:
I can focus better on things more important to me and my family.
There are more means (time, money) left for me in the nearby future.
I protect my own life. Helping others may raise up problems in my own life.

Benefits of Help

I can use my talents.
It gives satisfaction.
It connects me to others.
Others may help me when I am in need.
The needy may use violence to get what they need. Thus helping is more safe.

Shared Help

When I share the burden with others, it is easier and more pleasant to give help.


Jesus, teach me being generous.

Some items of resistance.

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