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Right to Hurt Others 25 May 2022

It is not a problem when I hurt someone else. It is nature. I can live with that. When I am the strongest, I need to act. I am responsible to protect myself and my family. I am allowed defend myself. I may imprison persons. I may correct others. I may medicate and sedate others. I may refuse refugees. It is totally normal to let them die at the boarder of my country. Global warming does not exist. I am not responsible for the garbage I produce. It is part of life.
And to make myself clear, I am happy when others do similar as I myself am doing.


I will feel strong and safe.
My neighbors will feel protected.
I will be known as 'in control' and as a leader.
After acting responsible, I can return undisturbed to my daily business.

Shared Rights

It may happen that I delegate the right to hurt. The law may provide means to hurt others. I can find a lawyer to attack my enemy. The judge ordains a punishment. I am justified. I did nothing but claiming my right. Police and army are other instances where I delegate my right-to-hurt. They should keep law and order.
There are still more rights. E.g. freedom of speech. My mouth can hurt others.
A last point, about the 'moral' leaders. One of the unexpected places where people are hurt by others is in my opinion the church. God ordains. We as a community have the right-to-hurt sinners. We often use this 'right' by keeping quiet and shying away from people who do not meet our ideal standard. We have our silent social laws. Perhaps they cause more pain than all the national laws together.


Jesus, teach us the law of the heart, the new covenant. Help me to remember that I might be judged according the standard that I use for others.

Some items of resistance.

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