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Right to Lock Out Others 26 May 2022

Before 1914 in Europe we hardly had borders between countries. No one had a passport. You could freely pass the border and settle in another country. No one controlled the border.
Certainly there was ownership over land and property. The nobility built fortresses. They protected their homes by walls and canals (moat?). A good example of shutting out unwanted people.
The New Testament speaks about a key given to Saint Peter. Not the keys of a physical lock. Saint Peter got the power to lock out people from Heaven.
Would houses one hundred years ago have had a lock? Perhaps only few houses. Certainly not all.

Over the centuries mankind has invented ways to lock out others. Sure, the technique proceeded. With an increasing world population the need to protect ourselves increased. With increasing security our homes became less hospitable to strangers.

My Rights

Certainly, any wise person in the Netherlands locks his doors. I have the right to lock my door. My neighbor could rob me or borrow some groceries. Actually such a thing never would happen. A poor or homeless person could invade my house when I am on holiday. Neighbors hardly protect one another. I do have the right to shut out everyone, including my children and other relatives.

I have the right to shut out anyone from my community. I could ignore him or her. I could pester him or her. In certain cases, I could enforce the shutting out by legal means. I am the boss. I am the head of my community. I am the head of my church.

It could be an issue, that my house or community needs protection. An unwanted side effect is that I shut out much more than some dangerous persons or animals. I start to defend my territory as I 'ought' to do. The richer I am, the more resources I make inaccessible for others. I need to protect. It is my duty.

Shared Rights

As with all power, it is needed and helpful to share my rights. Even the right to lock my door. My wife Millet may have more openness with visitors in our house than I would have. Sometimes we need to set limits together. Protecting 'our' country (or time) is to hard for us.


Jesus, show me how many good things I lock out of my country, house, life and thinking. Help me to give up unproductive rights and locks.

Some items of resistance.

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